Aarhus Low Bookcase

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Product: Sleek shelving unit in American Walnut frame with brass bars.
Materials: American walnut, Brass
Dimensions: W79 D13 H22 in
Weight: 75 lbs

Aarhus Shelving unit is a sleek and striking floor-standing walnut bookshelf that lets you organize your books, journals, and magazines in a jiffy. Its long top works as a makeshift console table where you can place sandglasses, alarm clocks, lampshades, and whatnot. This multi-purpose bookshelf will look stunning in your room with its dark American walnut color and brass bars. It has finger joint solid walnut frame construction, specially designed for your sweet home.

  • 3 shelves
  • Finger Joint corners
  • Solid American walnut
  • Brass bars for support