Ayna Round Mirror

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Product: Stylish round Mirror featuring solid black American walnut frame and belt leather hanger. Available in 3 sizes.
Materials: American Walnut, Leather
Dimensions: Large: Ø 31.6 D 0.87 in, Medium: Ø 23.7 D 0.87, Small: Ø 19.8 D 0.87 in

Wall mirrors have been a highly fashionable design element in the modern-day interiors. It is not merely a utility, but also can be used creatively as a decorative piece. You can put a large mirror or multiple assorted ones on foyer walls, living rooms, and dining rooms to accentuate your interior. The Ayna round mirror has a wooden American Walnut frame and is available in three sizes. You can use it as a standalone wall piece or use it creatively to let the natural light reflect on it and make your space look bigger.

  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Can be used in multiple ways

modern round mirror

Ayna Round Mirror