Dirvo Side Table

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Product: Rustic end table made out of reclaimed solid wood.

Transform your space into a haven of personal expression with our meticulously crafted assortment of side and accent tables. Delve into an artfully curated collection featuring versatile folding tray tables, elegant pedestal designs, intricately hand-carved nightstands, versatile multipurpose stands, charming martini tables, and much more. Select from an extensive range of materials, spanning from reclaimed wood and textured metal to luxurious marble and intricately woven rattan. Explore diverse styles, from the timeless appeal of mid-century modern and classic farmhouse to the enchanting allure of vintage glam and boho chic. Whether anchoring the focal point of a living area or infusing a spare room with a touch of individual flair, our exquisitely designed furniture pieces offer endless possibilities for elevating your interior décor.

Materials: Reclaimed wood

Dimensions: D15", W15",  H17.5"

Dirvo Side Table - Manhattan Label

Dirvo Side Table