Stella Sectional Sofa

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Product: This sectional sofa features plywood frame, foam seat with feather cushions, brass legs and fabric or velvet upholstery. Left facing version is pictured.
Materials: Velvet or Fabric, Brass, Feather, Foam, Plywood
Dimensions: L95 W95 D32 H28 SH17 in

The marriage of Scandinavian style and Mid-century modern makes everybody fall in love with the sofa's coziness ambiance it exudes. The design aesthetics fit the contemporary design elements, and the feel is inspired by a vintage family space where you would unwind and bond with your loved ones. This sectional sofa is an excellent fit for your living room. It is upholstered in neutral tones, which you can accentuate it by adding colored cushions.

  • Available in fabric or velvet upholstery
  • Can easily fit ion most spaces as a corner sofa
  • Easy maintenance

modern sectional sofa

Stella Sectional Sofa