Ventris Bookcase

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Product: Shelving unit featuring a combination of solid American walnut frame, white oak shelves, metal compartments.
Materials: American walnut, White oak, Metal
Dimensions: W48 D14 H79 in
Weight: 150 lbs

A chic wall-standing bookshelf with abstract compartments and a solid base; this Ventris shelving unit has everything you'd love in a bookshelf. Its outer frame is keen American Walnut, the shelves are crafted from premium quality white oak, and the cubicles are metallic; all positives packed together. This book rack will become your statement piece once you adorn your library with this master-class article.

  • 5 shelves
  • 4 cubicles
  • White oak and walnut crafting
  • With-standing base
  • Graceful abstract look

Ventris Bookcase - Manhattan Label

Ventris Bookcase