Vida Low Bookshelf

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Product: Functional shelving unit featuring American Walnut, brass legs and one drawer with pin handle.
Materials: American Walnut, Brass
Dimensions: W79 D13 H27 in
Weight: 98 lbs

Crafting top-notch furniture products that look chic and serve right; this is our main motto. The beauty you are looking at is a marvelous cobra-shelving unit with American walnut carving and sparkling brass bars. In the center of two shelves is a drop-down compartment for stacking items. On the wide walnut shelves, you can organize various items ranging from books to photo albums. The shiny woody finish makes this shelve sophisticated, handy, and a trustworthy choice.

  • Two bookshelves
  • Center deep-down compartment
  • Supporting bars of brass
  • Shiny woody finish
  • Sleek design

Vida Low Bookshelf - Manhattan Label

Vida Low Bookshelf